James Cafferty, 76, 4th Camino

From Lesle:
My Dad, James Cafferty doing his 4th pilgrimage at the age of 76 year old.

Hi guys,
My apologies for the delay in getting in touch with you and responding to your request about adding my blog to your website for those who’d like to follow my dad’s walk.  I would love for you to follow him on his journey.  The funny thing about this is that at this very moment he is not aware that I am doing this. I’ve kept it quiet until now because he is a very modest man and simply enjoys the simple things in life.  I am doing this because I’m so incredibly proud of him.  He is an inspiration to me and if he can inspire others through what he has been through and enduring at this time I welcome it.
Please continue to stay in contact with me. He will be returning on November 5th at which time I will be able to get more details of his walk and post about it for all those followers.  He is in fact a wonderful story teller much better than myself so at that time |I hope to be able to translate his experiences in his own words onto my blog.
Thank you again for contacting me!
Bon Camino!
Lesle Cafferty

Lesle’s Post on her Dad

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2 Responses to James Cafferty, 76, 4th Camino

  1. Karin says:

    Leslie, you should be proud!! Your dad is amazing and I’m looking forward to hearing about his trip. Maybe next time you’ll go with him? He’s making an excellent point for my friends who question my wisdom of going alone at 54! Thanks! Karin

  2. Hi Karin!! Congratulations to you as well. You’re a trooper!! I can’t help but be proud of him, he’s my bionic man and an individual who represents what ‘Living Strong’ is all about. I hope to do the trek as well, with Dad. We’ll see how things go…but soon enough!
    Good luck to you and enjoy every moment. Please stay in touch!!
    Buen Camino!!

    LIVEstrong – Lesle Cafferty

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