Hospitalero Training

American Pilgrims on the Camino Puget Sound Chapter sponsored a Hospitalero Training this past weekend. The setting was in Camp Brotherhood outside Mount Vernon and was every bit a delight. Under the tutelage of some outstanding instructors (Francisco, Jeanette and Kathy) and a seasoned panel of hospitaleros (Dick and Jane , Martha and Jim) we 20 some odd (no pun intended) trainees were excellently coached in all the tips and practices of a hospitalero.

In addition we enjoyed a visit and blessing by Father Treacy, who as one of the original founders of Camp Brotherhood has been instrumental in developing a 200 acre sanctuary dedicated to an acceptance of all faiths and all peoples. We were all touched by the grace of this wonderful peaceful man.

Between the intensive workshops, delicious meals and general melding we have all become great friends and are excited at the possibility of serving the perigrinos in albergues across Spain. Buen Camino! Gallery of Pictures

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  1. Martha Crites says:

    Great photos and article! Thanks to all the Lindstroms for coming and being 1/6th of our participants.

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