Smart Phones on the Camino

Evan, from his blog has an interesting article about what technology he has used on the Camino de Santiago, and what he intends to use his next time out. In answering a question from a commenter, Evan discusses the benefits of some modern smart phones to multitask as camera, book, gps and as a tool for uploading photos and blogging.

While his questioner mentions his fear of being flamed on the Camino de Santiago forum for embracing technology, he asks Evan who he knows has “done it all” for his advise. In his response Evan explains the variety of options and functionality of the new smart phones with data. Here’s Evan’s response. Whether you walk the Camino Frances, Camino del Norte, Via de Plata or Camino Portugues the decision to carry technology should be considered.

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One Response to Smart Phones on the Camino

  1. Evan Low says:

    Thanks Max for the link.

    Incidentally, I started using the iPhone a few months ago. Although as a daily phone for me now, I still wouldn’t want to bring it for my next camino. It needs to be heavily connected to the internet to really shine.

    I haven’t given up on Nokia. Here’s 2 upcoming budget phone that I think will do nicely for the camino, the C6 and C7.

    9 hours of talk time and I forgot how days of standby is what we really need on the camino. And with Ovi Maps (locally on the memory card), it should more useful than an iPhone during the periods without connectivity.

    In short, on the camino, you want a Prius, not a Ferrari. :)

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