Sheen’s “The Way”

On September 10th at the Toronto International Film Festival, Estevez and Martin Sheen’s movie “The Way” will premiere. Though the movie originally was Martin’s idea he insisted his son make the movie. About seven years ago Martin headed to Spain to walk the Camino. Though he did not complete the walk, (though I am sure he will) he left with a deep appreciation of the endeavor.

“The Way” portrays the events of a 70 year old man who has gone to Spain to claim his son who had died on the Camino. The man decides to finish the son’s journey and amid a group of castoffs they learn the importance of belonging.

Hopefully, this film will be picked up and distributed in the USA. Even though there is no high speed chase, gun play or bare-bottomed young ladies in review many have talked about the movie’s richness of idea. Read the Catholic News article.

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