Dawn’s Camino Training Tips

The day I found out, I was going to Northern Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago, I was so excited! For a dedicated walker like me it was a dream come true.  With the help and support of my husband, we decided, the most important thing was to take care of my feet and buy a good pair of shoes. I tried on SO many pairs of shoes.  I was getting a little frustrated; until I tried on a pair of Merrel’s Siren. Oh my gosh, they felt so good and I knew they were the pair of shoes that would carry me through Spain.

I started walking a few miles a week in my new shoes and new pack. I started slowly with 4 miles and a pack about 3 pounds. Then I increased to 6 miles and a pack weighing about 7 pounds. Each week, I would find a different route and walk it. I would walk at least 5 days a week and alternate between 6 miles and 10 miles. Also during this time my pack weight would increase as well. I could feel my feet molding to the shoes, my back getting stronger and the weight of my pack feeling less heavy as I got stronger.

I had about 5 weeks to accomplish my goal of breaking in my shoes and being able to hold a pack of 10 pounds. I walked up and down hills and over flat ground in sunny weather and some rain. Every day, I would visualize myself walking the Camino and feel stronger in body and soul. As our date was approaching to leave for Spain, I was physically and mentally ready to take on the Camino. The training strengthened my feet and back and I knew that would help to carry me to the end.     Adios!

Dawn Lindholm
Dawn’s Camino de Santiago

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